books i've read recently


    • American Psycho: Bret Easton Ellis
    • Fight Club: Chuck Palahniuk


    • The Obstacle is the Way: Ryan Holiday
    • Maus: Art Spiegelman
    • Interview with the Vampire: Anne Rice
    • The Vampire Lestat: Anne Rice
    • The Wisdom of Insecurity: Alan Watts


    • Metamorphosis: Franz Kafka
    • Two Years Before the Mast: Richard Dana
    • The Will to Change: Bell Hooks
    • Meditations: Marcus Aurelius
    • Hamlet: Shakespeare
    • Ulysses: James Joyce
    • The Odyssey: Homer
    • Treasure Island: Robert Louis Stevenson
    • The Stranger: Albert Camus
    • The Plague: Albert Camus
    • Code 1st Ed.: Charles Petzold
    • Neuromancer: William Gibson


    • Goblin: Josh Malerman